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Hampstead, London



In 2018 we completed this second phase of work to a client's home in Hampstead, having previously renovated their Notting Hill apartment. It's lovely working with the same clients consistently over many years. 

This apartment occupies three floors of a Grade II listed former shop on Pond St, Hampstead. The building went through a major alteration by previous architects in the 1990s which created this home by carving out the former shop on the ground floor and cellar below, making three floors where there were previously two. A dramatic, but not very practical 3-storey void had been created, over which all of the major habitable rooms looked, which made the home difficult to inhabit and rather noisy for a young family.


Phase One of our works formed a new bedroom in what used to be the top floor of the void, and Phase Two created a new kitchen at the base of the void, placing the kitchen at the heart of the home.

Our re-organisation added substantial value, both in terms of finance and quality of life.

For the cabinets we used a palette of oak, marble and brass. The bespoke cabinet fronts are all plywood with a thick face of oak veneer, matching the solid oak parquet floor. The wet area is clad in a seamless piece of Corian (a robust mixture of resin and marble dust) and the walls are limewashed. The brass cladding by the window conceals deep cupboards and reflects a warm glow deep into the cellar kitchen.

Contractor: Alloy Project Solutions Ltd

Engineer: Osborne Edwards Ltd

Photographs by Studio Sam Causer

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