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The Winter Gardens is an important Grade II Listed venue in Margate that has played a key role in the night-time, civic and cultural life of the town since its opening in 1911.

The venue closed in August 2022.

Studio Sam Causer, was asked by Consultants Counterculture LLP to produce an Architectural Review of the Winter Gardens as part of a Strategy for the District’s Evening and Night-Time Economy commissioned by Thanet District Council.

The purpose of the Architectural Review was to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the future of the building and how this can be aligned with the Council’s Evening and Night-Time Economy Strategy, as well as to wider cultural, social and environmental strategies for the District. 

The Review explores the history and development of the building, the different ways it has been used and changed through time and how these changes were linked to changes in society and infrastructure of the Town and wider District. It looks at the current arrangement of the building and surrounding area and refers to concurrent reports, which include a Condition Report, A Historic Significance Statement, and Measured Surveys. 

Studio Sam Causer, based on an understanding of the heritage, condition and changes which may be possible to the site, assessed a range of possible uses and their spatial configurations, looking in detail at three case studies for possible futures.

As part of this work, a series of images were produced using historic archive photos, imagining… Rather than promote solutions, the images are intended to challenge current perceptions and encourage thoughts about the future of the building.

For more information and to read the report:


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