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Margate Coastal Park



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Costal Park Online Organisations

Online Organisations

The lists contained within this section are the start of what aim to be a definitive, accessible and update-able list of all of the organisations who have a digital presence in the park, or one of the streets which terminates in the park and can therefore be deemed to have a direct relationship with it.  The aim is that this list will become publicly editable to develop over time and be searchable according to different criteria such as location, or business type, etc.


The whole section can be downloaded by clicking on the cloud icon below.


The list is split into two categories:


1.4.1) ‘Online Communities’. These are defined as non-commercial organisations whose presence and form of communication is significantly online.  They fall into a wide variety of types, including The Walpole Bay Swimmers, for example, an open group of people who regularly meet to swim together at the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool. They use mainly Facebook as a medium of communication and for sharing videos, photographs and comments, which has helped galvanise a group of people who might otherwise be hard to gather together in the same place at the same time, and giving them a place to share publicly their experiences.  The map above identifies the geographic reach, or 'area of interest' for all online community organisations we identified in the lists.

1.4.2) ‘Businesses with Online Presence’.

These are commercial organisations who operate in the area and who use the web to directly trade or promote their business.

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