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1830s / 1910s HOUSE

Trinity Square, Margate



This Grade II listed, 1830s house in Margate had been divided into two flats and poorly treated.  Doubling in size in 1910, the back half of the house and the roof were all 80 years younger than the front half, and the interior had been significantly altered with a new staircase. 


Our conservation works reunited the whole house with a new owner-occupier, removed all poor-quality post-1910 works and made discreet new interventions to suit a contemporary family home, such as a large new laundry-bathroom in one of the lower ground floor rooms. Our main alteration was to open up the ground floor walls internally and externally to better connect the living areas with the sunny back yard.

The completed house is a collage of good quality and characterful interventions from the past 200 years, with each material repaired, gently treated to work as a whole, and made to last another generation.


Our approach was to retain the sense of age and the passing of time through each material, rather than to 'renovate', which literally means to 'make new'. So, for example, we chose to not paint the rendered window reveals and arches, but simply to strip the modern white paint off them, and rub them back to gently blend in with the tonal range of the surrounding brickwork. The brickwork pointing - which would originally have been 'tuck' to give the appearance of crisp, neat bricks - was repaired only where damage had been caused, rather than re-pointing the whole facade. 

ContractorGreen Tree Projects Ltd

EngineerHFK Ltd

Photographs by Studio Sam Causer

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