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Established in 2005, Studio Sam Causer is a design-led, RIBA chartered architecture practice specialising in adapting complex and sensitive situations.


We relish working in multi-layered historic environments, bringing a philosophical rigour to our interventions backed up with astute understanding of the way materials and humans behave in changing circumstances. We enjoy that each generation through time leaves an architectural legacy which speaks of available technologies, experiences and other cultural influences, and love how buildings and the environment grow and adapt accordingly. What comes now may not look or behave like what has gone before, but everything needs to work well together.


Alongside our small but experienced team we collaborate closely with structural engineers, cost consultants, contractors and clients, as well as with artists, choreographers, film-makers and academics, together producing a rich and broad practice centered on the act of making spaces to support life.

We’re committed to understanding the environmental and social impact of our buildings, and whilst everybody has a responsibility to form good relations with our environment, the architect is well placed to balance the physical and temporal elements that together create spaces worthy of our collective capability. Our studio values the careful research of buildings and sites, understanding the layers of change, and relating the physical fabric at micro and macro scales. From the scale of pegs and mortar to towns and fields, we use this historic and material analysis to inform and respond to future change.

As a RIBA-accredited Conservation Architect, Sam and our team champion the re-use of existing building stock, the specification of appropriate building technologies, the careful use of natural materials, and encourage the skills and techniques of craftspeople.

Our current portfolio includes several conservation projects at a range of scales, from tiny cottages to a five mile long public park in Margate, the conservation and extension of the Grade II* Listed Modernist masterpiece Kensal House for the SPID Theatre Company in London, and proposals for growth and change at the Grade I listed Jane Austen's House in Hampshire.

We are delighted to have been recognised by the Architecture Foundation as one of the best practices in the UK and proud to be included in their book 'New Architects', the 'definitive survey of the best British Architects to have set up practice in the past ten years'.

The Observer architecture critic Rowan Moore says of our work:

"Sam Causer can do neat, modern details - flush veneered panels, skinny steel window frames, large glass panels - and then throw in something from the realm of art installation such as a rough wall of silver birch trunks, with bark still in place... Extreme ingenuity with non-existent budgets".

This short film, produced in 2015 by Crane TV serves as an introduction to our practice, and you can view our work using the menu above.


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