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Willesden Green, London.

2008 - 2023+ in four phases

We've been working with these clients in several phases for over fifteen years to adapt and grow their ground floor apartment as their family needs evolve over time. 


Phase One was a 45msq rear extension replacing a small lean-to kitchen and conservatory, to house new areas for dining, living and separate studies for each partner. The non-orthogonal plan derives from limits set by planning law, massaged to maximise volume, light and views through the open spaces to the garden and the sky. Simple adjustments to existing doorways opened up long views through the apartment connecting front and back gardens. Large sliding wooden panels separate studies from living areas as required. 

Phase Two created a free-standing workspace in the garden, nestled behind a screen of silver birch trunks, salvaged from the builders' parents' farm. 

Phase Three refurbished the bedroom and bathrooms, with one new shower room created from an old servants' corridor. 

Phase Four is about to start on site, to build an additional bedroom off the Phase One rear extension.


Phase Four

Contractor: M3A 

Engineer: Price & Myers

Photographs by Studio Sam Causer

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