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2013 - 2014


In 2013-14 we worked with art organisations Crate Space and Limbo Arts to develop a long-term strategy for growth and renewal on their Margate town centre site.  The aim was to provide up to thirty new studio spaces for artists to work, as well as vital support and infrastructure facilities to aid their interaction with the town.

The site holds a pivotal position between the High Street, Cecil Square and New Street; unlocking these connections will create permeability in the town centre, and help to support discovery through wandering. 

The proposal we developed is for a careful, phased growth, partly into derelict surrounding buildings, partly upwards from existing freehold property, and partly new-build on vacant plots. 

Our work on this project was funded by grants from MACH (Margate Arts, Creativity Heritage), Thanet District Council and Arts Council England.

The wider urban strategy developed in this project has been continued in our project for the redevelopment of Cecil Square. 

Photographs and 3D model by Studio Sam Causer

Aerial view from Google

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