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How can the urban environment of Cliftonville West be improved? These drawings, produced voluntarily by Studio Sam Causer in collaboration with historic buildings specialist Nick Dermott, explore the kind of changes which could be made across the ward:

  • More safe, green public space for the densely housed population, especially for those without gardens;

  • Trees to dampen sound, remove dust, provide shade, increase wildlife diversity;

  • Welcoming green spaces at the ends of residential roads.

  • ‘Green Wedges’ along the road, including the Margate Caves and Trinity Square, down into the Old Town;

  • Existing concentrated retail areas made more comfortable year-round using pavement terraces, awnings, etc to enable community life and interaction on the street;

  • Defined crossing points;

  • More and better bins, recycling and systems of collection at regular intervals along the residential roads and Northdown Road, concealed from view in gated areas between parking bays;

  • Improve pedestrian and cyclists’ safety and general environment by slowing vehicles to 20mph.

  • Cycle Lanes along the main arterial roads;

  • Increased parking and delivery bays where they’re needed;

  • More porous connections to existing car parks.

We developed and publicly shared this project when the Town Investment Plan for the £25m Margate Town Deal was being developed, as a way to encourage people to consider the kind of change that the new source of funding could bring about.

Street view and map images from Google Maps

Sketches by Studio Sam Causer

Historic images from Margate Local History

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