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Hither Green, London

Completed: 2007


This attic conversion in a small three-up-three-down in South London for two young designers is to provide space for family visiting from the US.  The new room has exposed structure painted white and solid oak framed glass doors onto a large fruit tree and old chimney pots.  A full-height mirror in the chimney alcove extends the apparent width of the view.  A small shower room is concealed in the space over the staircase, behind a large sliding panel.  The washing machine is slotted into the front roof-space behind a bookshelf on wheels which can slide away.  The new staircase is formed as a repeat-pattern in response to an original Edwardian decorative motif in the hall downstairs.  The double tread saves space and gives additional shelving for books on the way up to bed.  The external volume was designed to bypass the need for planning permission, which would not otherwise have been permitted on this scale.


Construction cost: £55,000

Contractor: Leyser Contracts

Engineer: INGealtoir


This project has been chosen by home restoration expert Roger Hunt as a case study in how to sensitively extend a period property.  It features in the October 2011 Issue of Real Homes Magazine and is presented at the Improve Your Home Show in September 2011.

Roger Hunt is an award winning writer with a particular interest in both sustainable and vernacular architecture and the materials and techniques used in construction. His work appears in a variety of magazines including Period Living, Homebuilding & Renovating and Real Homes.

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